January 2O2O

Join us to prticipate in the upcoming Polagra-PREMIERY International Trade Fair of Agricultural Mechanization held in Poznań.

Polagra-PREMIERY shows new market offers:
- agricultural machines and equipment
- means of transport
- spare parts
- accessories and consumables
- control and measuring equipment
- agricultural chemicals
- seeds and services

Polagra-PREMIERY offers not only expositions of products, but also practical knowledge. The show is accompanied by a programme of specialist seminars, workshops and shows prepared by the most important agricultural associations, federations and unions.


The art of gardening has been practiced Since ancient times, and for the last several years has been experiencing a renaissance in Poland. More and more we want our gardens, yards and small green patches to become true works of art. One of the places where on the threshold of the gardening season one could compare products and services dedicated to owners and lovers of greenery is the GARDENIA Garden Fair.

GARDENIA – offer of products and services for decorative gardening, including plant materials, equipment, gardening tools and accessories, gardening chemicals, small garden structures, furniture, irrigation accessories and decorative elements.



The Agricultural Exibition AGRO-PARK held in Lublin. It is an exhibition coorganised by Poznan International Fair and Lublin International Fair. This region is also one of the few main agricultural regions in Poland.
The visitors will have opportunity to see:
- machines
- tractors
- seeds
- agricultural chemicals
- institutions working for agriculture
- banks

August 2019


Agricultural Exhibition - Wilkowice /near Leszno
at the same time:
Agriculture Old-Timers Festival gm. Lipno

ROLTECHNIKA Wilkowice take place In south part of Great Poland region. This exhibition will held together with the Jerzy Samelczak Agriculture Old-Timers Festival.
This is an unique Exibition in Poland where visitors can see market news together with museum pieces.

You can find there:
- wheeled tractors
- machines
- agriculture equipment
- seeds
- agricultural chemicals
- industrial fodders

Every year more than 10 thousand people visit this exhibition. We always provide nice atmosphere and good weather.

Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA FOOD is the largest in this region of Europe exhibition dedicated to products food. It is also fair with a strong brand, high market recognition and a long tradition. Every year the event visit the manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, technologists and consumers. Exposures exhibitors enriched with numerous tastings, workshops, demonstrations, culinary competitions and demonstrations market news.

Polagra-tech is divided into thematic exibitions:
Exhibition of Machines and Devices for the Meat Industry and Exhibition Refrigerating, Air-Conditioning and Heating Devices are held biennially, in odd years; Exibition of Baking and Confectionery Industry are held in even years. Exibition of Machines and Equipment for the Food Industry as well as Food Ingredients Show are organized every year.



Gastro-Trendy as well as the previous Catering Exibition, which it evolved from, is the best place to introduce modern catering trends and novelties appearing in the market. The exhibition accompanied by numerous presentations, thematic conferences, seminars and competitions.



Fair is a feast for lovers of traditional Polish food prepared according to old recipes. This event, which takes place in conjunction with Polagra Food and Polagra Gastro fairs in Poznań, successfully implements the assumption of promoting natural, certified traditional food.